About Us

About Stay Green Sprinklers

My name is Jason Wood, and I am the owner/operator of Stay Green Sprinklers. My wife Heather and I were born and raised in Bozeman where we now raise our three children. We have been serving the Gallatin Valley since 1998. At Stay Green Sprinklers, we offer the highest level of irrigation service through our experience, knowledge, expertise and commitment toward water conservation. Our mission is to offer the best quality, professional service in town at the most competitive price possible while at the same time assuring the expertise and experience our customers have come to expect.

Our two lead irrigation technicians have over 25 years experience each. We specialize in maintaining park spaces; condo associations; and homeowner associations; as well as other property types. We have practices in place to ensure that these systems are started up and winterized when necessary, based on the weather. We can receive and address repair/emergency requests quickly due to these practices that have been developed over the years of working on these types of systems. These practices include but are not limited to having dedicated staff for these open space areas. Our lead technician’s top responsibility is monitoring, repairing and maintaining these systems. In addition to having a staffed office, we have an HOA/Open Space manager whose responsibility is to receive HOA/Open Space repair requests; mobilize technicians; and ensure systems are started and winterized on time.

Our team has years of experience with all types of irrigation construction from small residential installation to large commercial installation. We have extensive knowledge working with PVC pipe; poly pipe; 2 wire systems; all of the top irrigation brands: Hunter; Rainbird; Toro and many others. We are an Approved Contractor with the City of Bozeman’s Water Conservation Program and are up to date with all current water conservation technology. For more information visit City of Bozeman Water Conservation.

Stay Green Sprinklers is a Montana Registered Contractor, Licensed and Insured, Accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and a Rain Bird Select Contractor.


Questions to Ask Any Contractor?

What types of products will be used and why?

The contractor should be able to explain each of the components and why they are the best for your landscape.

Is after-sale service provided?

A professional contractor should be willing and able to provide after-sale service. Examples of after-sale service include spring start-up and winterization.

Is there a warranty?

All of the work performed should be guaranteed. Warranty times may vary for system components and labor. A one-year warranty is typical.

Are customer references available?

Be sure to ask for the names and telephone numbers of customers you can call. A satisfied customer is the best way to gauge the experience you will have.

Words of Advice from Rain Bird

When choosing a contractor, you should be wary of those who offer to charge you significantly less than other contractors. Low bidders may not be licensed, certified, or insured. Often they use cost-cutting methods that can jeopardize your lawn and shorten the life of your automatic sprinkler system.

What To Watch Out For

Omitting a backflow preventer when required by local regulations to protect your drinking water supply.

Spacing sprinklers too far apart. This makes it impossible for certain areas to receive enough water, which causes brown spots in your lawn.

Mixing sprinklers with different application rates on the same line. This causes one area to be over-watered in order to sufficiently water another.

Not using special watertight connectors and protective valve boxes to safeguard the electrical elements.

For More Tips and Information Go To www.rainbird.com.


Stay Green Sprinklers and Jason Wood have provided The Legends at Bridger Creek Subdivision project with exceptional landscape irrigation service. Jason and his crew always went above and beyond what was contractually asked of them. The price was always fair and the change orders very few. I would highly recommend Stay Green Sprinklers to handle any landscape irrigation work.

- Matt

Thanks for the great service!

- Jenny

I chose Stay Green Sprinklers because Jason Wood was the most organized in his profession. When I called around to get quotes, others would give me three – four weeks out before they could come and give a quote to me. Not Jason, he was there within three days and he was organized once he arrived. My husband and I are very pleased with the organization of the company and how we get postcards occasionally throughout the year of reminders and early package options for the start-up and winterization. WOW! We love our sprinkler system, and once we decide to complete our backyard, Stay Green Sprinklers is going to be the company to complete the job.

- Keri

Thank you Stay Green . . .! In today’s world of diminishing service and shrinking customer care, it is refreshing to know that there are still companies that stand above the others. I can always rely upon Stay Green to be on time and to get the job done right . . . the first time! Keep up the good work!

- Joe

Thank you (Stay Green) for getting our winterization completed this year. I appreciate your ability to work with us . . . you have been a great company to work with, and I will continue to go to you with any sprinkler issues I may have in the future. Thank you!

- Robert

I’ve been successfully doing business with Stay Green Sprinklers since 2007 when Jason installed the sprinkler system for my considerable yard. Stay Green has also taken over snow removal, and Jason always sees to it that everything is in top shape. Whenever I call with a question or concern, he immediately responds, and my lawns are sheer perfection, while my driveways are clear for the winter. I am a very satisfied customer!

- Sally

We’ve been using Stay Green Sprinklers for both our homeowners’ association and our home for five years, and we’ll continue to use them because of two simple words that define both the company and its owners: Honesty and Integrity.

- Duane

We have been very pleased with the level of service from Jason and the staff at Stay Green Sprinklers. When we decided to install underground sprinklers, we were referred to Jason who provided a detailed estimate and promptly scheduled the installation. We had an incident when a friends’ dog tore up a sprinkler head and some of the connecting supply line. Their response time to make the repair was faster than expected. They definitely for out of their way to provide excellent customer service.

- Gail & Ben

I am writing on behalf of Stay Green Sprinklers, owned by Jason Wood. Over the years, we have contracted out numerous irrigation jobs here at the City of Bozeman. Jason and his crew are at the top of our list for following the design guidelines we set forth, and completing the work on schedule. I cannot say that about many other contractors. I would highly recommend his company for a multitude of irrigation jobs, whether it is residential or a large subdivision park.

- Thom

Our experience with Stay Green Sprinklers has been nothing short of flawless. They are fair, punctual, pleasant, and competent. When you need them, they’re there!

- Mike & Mary

Jason Wood at Stay Green Sprinklers successfully completed a moderately sized park irrigation system for DMC, Inc at Flanders Creek subdivision. They completed the work in a professional manner and all work completed on time. The work was neat and clean and completed according to plan. We had a very sandy well, and Jason put in extra work, some at no cost, to get the system functioning properly. Stay Green also responded quickly when we were having problems with sand in valves to ensure that we had sufficient moisture on the extensive grassed park.

I recommend Stay Green for irrigation system installation.

- Jeffrey

Jason provides a very good service. The scheduling is easy; he calls and shows up on time. I can recommend their services!

- Jorge