How to adjust a Rainbird 5000 series rotor head

*You will need the Rain Bird tool that came with your sprinkler system or a small flat screwdriver.

  1. FIRST, start the zone containing the head that needs to be adjusted.
  2. Next, use your hand  to tightly hold the shaft of the sprinker head and turn to set the left stop-point. **If you hear any clicking, stop turing the head immediately to avoid stripping it.
  3. Once the left is set, you will use the Rain Bird tool to set the right stop-point. Insert the tool into this adjustment point. You will turn the tool towards the + and - to increase or decrease how far the head turns to the right.
  4. Finally, you will use the Rain Bird tool to adjust into this adjustment point. Simply turn the tool to adjust the diffuser screw inside the head and set the spray.